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Contact Wholly Spirit Hands today if your looking for an appointment with a Massage Therapist 77478. I specialize in TMJ massage, oncology massage, cranial sacral therapy, and end of life massage. We accept same day appointments as well as emergency appointments (Emergency Charges apply). I accept in-calls and out-calls if you are close to my office. Pricing for out-calls can vary depending on the distance. You can email to schedule an appointment at mary@whollyspirithands.com. Please me know how you heard about my practice if you choose to email me. Call 832-338-8549 today to inquire about my work or schedule an appointment. If you are in or around South Houston and Sugar Land Texas please contact me today!

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 Serving the Sugar Land and South Houston Communities



See my Mary Foster’s health pro account for more information on my experience or to see the variety of seminars, classes, and training that I have both attended and led.

Contact us today regarding TMJ massage, oncology massage, cranial sacral therapy, and end of life massage, or if you are having any physical pains that need relief. Massage Therapy can help all of the systems in your body and allow you to naturally heal yourself. Sometimes the simple act of a touch from one person to another can have a tremendous effect on your body’s ability heal itself. No matter what is needed, I know my work as a massage therapist 77478 can greatly assist in the healing process.

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