Cranial Sacral Therapy South Houston and Sugar Land

Cranial Sacral Therapy Tucson

What is craniosacral therapy?

Cranial sacral therapy in South Houston and Sugar Land is gently holding the bones of the head and low back to feel the light movement of the cerebral spinal fluid. The focus is on listening to the body with this light touch in order for the body to resolve small misalignments that cause pain and discomfort.
It is a deeply relaxing form of bodywork that can assist the body to rebalance the parasympathetic nervous system. Most people feel drowsy, some even fall asleep while having this type of touch. From this place of deep relaxation, the body opens up and can guide where the work will occur.


Through the years I have been practicing these techniques, along with tissue work, I have found that many times the body of the client (on the table) guides my hands to where the crux of the dysfunction is. For example, sometimes pain felt in the shoulder can actually be from fascial (connective tissue) pulls in the hip.


I have started calling what I do “Body Tracking” because the body is telling my hands where to go and where to work. It comes from a place of deep listening, and looking for where there is life and movement in the body and promoting more and different movement.


Craniosacral therapy works on a profound level to support healthful changes in all the body’s systems. Among the most important are:


  • Nervous system. Releasing tension that blocks the craniosacral rhythm can deeply calm the nervous system, with far-reaching effects. Stress-related conditions often improve, including anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems and depression, as well as menstrual irregularities, breathing difficulties and headaches. In addition, visual problems hearing difficulties and injuries to the head or spinal cord can improve. Craniosacral therapy has been particularly helpful in treating children with birth trauma, learning difficulties, chronic ear problems and hyperactivity.
  • Circulatory system. As the body relaxes, circulation improves, resulting in a host of beneficial effects. These include increased energy, reduced pain, improved immune system function, and faster recover from surgery and injurie such as whiplash.
  • Musculoskeletal system. Cranial sacral therapy in South Houston and Sugar Land provides relief for many painful musculoskeletal conditions. Even complex problems such as TMJD, fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as sciatica or scoliosis often respond well to this gentle but profound therapy.


Craniosacral therapy is suitable for all ages from infants to the elderly. Because it works with a system that most techniques don’t address, it can be an effective alternative where other therapies have not provided relief.


The gentle touch of craniosacral therapy may also be a good choice for you if you have trouble relaxing, are ticklish or if massage therapy sometimes leaves you sore. The touch is so subtle that it is unlikely your body will tighten up in response to it, a benefit that can greatly enhance your ability to relax and heal.


Craniosacral sessions are most often deeply relaxing. You may have a sense of dropping or deepening into the area that is being worked with. You may feel pulsing or a spreading warmth. Some people notice a heightened body awareness. After a session, you might feel energetic, sleepy or a little scattered. Even if you fall asleep or don’t feel much of anything at first, subtle, but profound changes may be occurring that will help you heal over time.

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