Mary Foster Massage Therapist

Mary Foster Massage Therapist

I love music, and studied the flute in college when I was a youngster. I love all types, but especially classical, old rock & roll and gospel. Mary Foster massage therapist has been practicing therapeutic techniques for many years and my side interests and hobbies have influenced my work greatly.

I have spent time writing and have written many short stories and poems, but none published. However it is still a passion of mine and I hope to have something published someday!

I love to spend time with my family. I have been married for over 30 years and have raised 3 wonderful young men.

I love poodles and have a new standard poodle pup. She is my 4th poodle! I have previously raised 2 standard poodles and a miniature.

I enjoy taking walks and I enjoy spending time alone. I also enjoy sharing a good bottle of cabernet with a friend! I enjoy traveling to the Mediterranean to enjoy some of France’s and Italy’s amazing wine as well.

Many of my friends tell me they love my laugh… and I do love to laugh!

The biggest wish I have for myself and anyone else is that we can all be grateful for what we have… love those who are with us… love God with all our hearts… always have a kind word or a smile for anyone… be willing to change the stories we tell ourselves about our lives… and keep a smile on our face!

See my Mary Foster’s health pro account for more information on my experience or to see the variety of seminars, classes, and training that I have both attended and led.