South Houston and Sugar Land Massage Therapy

The sessions that I offer are unique to each person and each time someone comes in.


I have many years of experience and trained hands to meet peoples’ bodies where they are at any given time.


Healing happens in a given moment that cannot be replicated. Healing is always possible, but it doesn’t always look like what we think it will.


Some people carry years of dysfunctional moving and patterning in their body that will not be changed in one session, but there is always a possibility of offering new space for different movement in our lives.


My practice is open to all ages, from infant to elder years. I have practiced teaching Infant Massage for over 28 years and have training in geriatric massage as well.


Early in my practice, I was privileged to work at a TMJ clinic for 3 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I worked on hundreds of people with TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) and whiplash, with very good results.


I do my best to help everyone who comes to see me, which can include referring you to someone with expertise that I do not have.


Many people feel that Wholly Spirit Hands is a gem in the South Houston and Sugar Land Massage Therapy community.


My practice is located at my home with a separate entrance on the west side of the house.


Sessions are typically one hour and the cost is $100.


Click here to download the new patient in-take form. Please bring this with you to your first session.